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CBD E-liquids

E-Juices or vape oils as they are otherwise known, are to be used with vaping devices as an alternative to smoking or ingesting CBD oils. Vaping devices include products like e-cigarettes, pod vapes, vape pens, and box mod kits. We currently sell the UWELL Caliburn and the VooPoo Vinci pod systems.

What are CBD E-Liquids?

Unlike smoking cannabis, the psychoactive compound THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) has been extracted from the CBD used in e-liquids, meaning you can vape without getting a ‘high’ and still receive all the health benefits that it usually provides.

What are the Benefits of Vaping CBD?

Faster Absorption
Inhaling CBD vape provides a higher level of bioavailability, meaning that more of the drug is absorbed into the bloodstream faster, in comparison to edible or topical application. This is ideal for people who have health conditions that may require a high dose quickly such as anxiety, and means less CBD is wasted.

No Need for Nicotine
When using CBD E-Liquids, there is no need to add tobacco or nicotine into the product. This makes vaping CBD using E-Liquids a great option for non-smokers or those that want to cut down on nicotine. Vaping is a great idea for those wishing to quit smoking.

Different Flavours
CBD E-Liquids or E-juices are available in a variety of flavours, which is perfect for those that do not enjoy the taste of CBD oils and edibles. Flavours include apple, blackcurrant, bubblegum, cherry, fruit mix, mango, menthol and more. E-Liquids are available in just about every flavour imaginable.

Control the Strength
The CBD vape oils come in a variety of different dosages meaning you can control the amount of CBD you would like to take depending on your requirements. When you start using CBD E-Liquids it is best to start off with a lower dosage and work your way up until you reach a comfortable level. Starting off at the higher end of the dosage level may result in mild side effects – everyone has a different tolerance level so it is best to work up to it and find out yours.

Fast Working
Inhaling CBD via vaping is the fastest way to feel the benefits of CBD. This is because it goes directly to the brain and bloodstream and is absorbed more quickly. When vaping CBD, the effects are immediate, which can be a massive plus for sufferers of seizures, epilepsy and anxiety or panic attacks. Vaping CBD produces faster results than the usual edibles or CBD oil tinctures.

Less Product Required – More Cost Effective
As inhalation of CBD vapour provides a higher level of CBD absorption, less CBD product is required to have the same effect. Vaping has a 40-50% absorption rate in contrast to edibles, which are 5-15%. This is one of the many benefits of vaping CBD.

Perfect for Pain Relief, Anxiety, and More
Inhaling CBD E-Liquid has many health benefits including a reduction in blood pressure and can relieve symptoms of pain and inflammation. The CBD also interacts with the release of serotonin, which can be very helpful for those suffering from anxiety and depression.

Here are a few examples of common conditions and ailments that have been reported to benefit from the use of CBD oil:

  • Arthritis
    Multiple Sclerosis
    Chronic Pain
    Crohn’s Disease
    Type 1 Diabetes
    PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
    OCD (Obsessive-compulsive Disorder)

If you have not tried CBD oil E-Liquids before, we would recommend beginning with the lowest dose of 100mg per 10ml. As vaping CBD is so fast working, the effects should be felt instantaneously. If this is not the case or you do not feel that there is enough of an effect, gradually up the dose.

The highest dose we have available is 5000mg which is highly effective for chronic pain however we would not recommend starting with this.

As well as the dosage there are a couple of other features of CBD E-liquid to consider. Our E-Juices are available in a variety of flavours and also an unflavoured base. The unflavoured base E-Liquid is ideal if you do not want a strong flavour or you would like to control the amount of flavour. This is used as a base for mixing with other flavours to dilute them.

Is it Legal to Vape CBD in The UK?

Since 2016, CBD has been recognised by law as a medicine and is now regulated. This means it is safe to use and legally considered to be medicinal by the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency). Our products from the United States are also all FDA (Federal Drug Association) approved.

Although vaping or smoking pure cannabis remains illegal in the UK due to its THC levels, CBD on its own is safe and legal to use as it does not have the intoxicating compounds.

Why not give CBD a try? At The British CBD Company we stock a range of CBD oils, e-liquids, and CBD capsules!